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ABRAM office


Our duties involve evaluating whether the candidate meets HCPC requirements, providing advice on completing the application form, checking the validity of documents , helping to correct mistakes. If necessary, we can help to contact your university, people providing references or HCPC. We have got the knowledge, experience and satisfied customers.

Professions regulated by HCPC:


- Paramedics

- Physiotherapists

- Social workers

- Dietitians

- Radiographers

- Biomedical scientists

- Chiropodists/podiatrists

- Occupational Therapists

- Psychologists and others

HCPC Registration


Registration with HCPC is necessary to start work in a regulated profession. The process of registration focuses on checking whether the candidate meets the HCPC requirements (e.g. the number of hours in apprenticeship, training, clinical apprenticeship, the extent of acquired knowledge etc.) To do that the candidate is required to provide a completed application form together with a set of documents.


Our goal is to make the process of registration with HCPC as easy as possible. Our experience will allow you to avoid unnecessary complications and make it easier to collect all the necessary documents.

We are at your disposal during the entire registration process.


Feel free to learn about our offer and to contact us if you’ve got any questions.

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