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What happens if I am not accepted at first evaluation?


This often happens when the candidate took a long break from dealing with patients or if he had little practice. HCPC offers a chance to appeal against the decision. You may be still registered if you meet additional requirements such as providing additional documents, completing apprenticeship or passing certain tests.

Why should I register?

Registration with HCPC is necessary to start work in a regulated profession. The process of registration focuses on checking whether the candidate meets the HCPC requirements (e.g. the number of hours in apprenticeship, training, clinical apprenticeship, the extent of acquired knowledge etc.) Those who have not met all the requirements can file an appeal and be registered under additional HCPC conditions.

Here we answer frequently asked questions ranging from our duties to work within NHS. All questions not mentioned here you can ask using the contact form


How long does the registration process take to complete?

Providing that no problems are encountered (such as difficulty contacting your university, your previous employer) and there are no objections by HCPC, it usually takes 3 to 4 months to complete the process. The process starts when the documents have been sent.

What do ABRAM exactly do?

We help to complete the registration process with HCPC. Our duties (as stated in the contract) involve evaluating whether the candidate meets HCPC requirements, providing advice on completing the application form, checking the validity of documents , helping to correct mistakes.


Do I have to start work immediately after being registered with HCPC?

The applicant doesn’t have to start working straight away. The registration, however, has to be updated every two years. This is done by paying an HCPC fee (£150 – as of January 2015). A person who does not start work right away is required to keep their knowledge at a proper level by running a portfolio (CPD)

Is ABRAM fee a one-time payment?

Yes, there is a single fee paid on signing the contract.



What is the cost of registration?

The cost of registration is a one-time fee of £495 (from 01/08/2015)

What is CPD (Continuing Professional Development)?

Every two years some professionalls chosen at random are put under scrutiny from HCPC. This is done by checking their CPD. It is an English equivalent of Polish Educational Points. The portfolio is a proof of how a paramedic handles his professional development. This can be done by means of attending courses (and obtaining proper certificates), gathering interesting ECG charts with their interpretation, gathering examples of calls which were a new experience to the paramedic. A well organised CPD is a great advantage during a recruitment process for Ambulance Service.

Being a person not currently employed within the system  do I still have a chance to be registered?

Applications are handled individually. Every gap in employment (dealing with patients) is a negative factor in evaluating your application. It does not mean, however, that you are automatically dismissed. Other factors are also taken into consideration. These include e.g. number of hours in apprenticeship, number of hours in clinical training, the extent of material covered during the university course together with grades obtained.

Do I need to come personally to sign the documents/contract?


ABRAM run their correspondence via email and regular mail so there is no need for the candidate to come to the UK.

Does a vocational college graduate have a chance to be registered?

Both vocational college graduates and university graduates have equal chances to be registered with HCPC.





What are NHS pay rates?

Wages for NHS employees are contained within Bands. Each Band is divided into 5 levels. The levels are pay rises received for every year of employment. Paramedics and Physiotherapists starts usually at band 5 or 6. A person beginning work starts at the base level of their pay Band. Current information on wages can be found at i

Is Polish permission to drive emergency vehicles valid in the UK?


The permission is not required to complete the registration process with HCPC but is necessary to work within NHS. Unfortunately Polish permissions are not respected in the UK.

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What requirements do I need to meet to start working as a paramedic with NHS?

Each Ambulance Service have got their own requirements. These are presented on in the “person specifications” section. Apart from one’s eligibility the employer can specify the characteristics of a potential candidate, the abilities etc.

General requirements regarding qualifications are:

- completing a “blue lights course” – a course giving the permission to drive emergency vehicles

- having a C-1 driving license

- being registered with HCPC

Currently none of the Ambulance Services within NHS require language certificates.

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